Firstly, you are going to need a number of household items.






You will also need from an art shop



Spray low tack glue

Paint Brush




As well as Glomania ProFX Glow in the Dark visible or Invisible Fabric Material Textile paint.


FYI. If you want to make your own personal stencil, use the internet and a printer, find the image preferably a stencil image and print it off in Black and White. Be careful as some of the images are copyright find ones that are royalty free or draw your own.


Now Cut out the image and place it face down on a piece of paper. Spray the back of the image with Low Tack spray glue.

In our case we purchased a stencil from an art store. Again, we had to use low tack spray on the back. This helps attach the stencil to the T-Shirt without leaving any residue after you peal the stencil off the T-Shirt.

Now remember before you start painting you need to place a sheet of Paper inside of the T-Shirt, this will stop the paint from leaching through to the back of the T-Shirt and ruining your master piece. 


Place the colors you want to paint with on the dish so that you can mix or just paint them directly on to the T-Shirt. Now place down your stencil and make sure all the edges are secure and tight to the material, then just start coloring in your stencil with either a Brush or Sponge.


We are using a sponge as we want to day inside of the stencil to create our Color flowers. As this is a very basic design and does not fine work we do not need to use the brush. But its up to you.

Once you have completed your design you need to let it dry for a couple of hours, if however, you are in a rush, use a hair dryer... Once the T-Shirt is dry on the front, dry the back of the T-Shirt. This will help cure the paint to the material.

Finish off by ironing the artwork. NB You need to place another piece of paper over the paint so the iron does NOT melt it or smudge the work.


Have a great time and have FUN.


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