How to make your own Glow in the Dark Stepping Stones.

You can go to just about any craft shop and purchase a stepping stone kit. But I have not been able to find a Glow in the Dark version.

So we made our own.

We went out and purchased all the items you see above to create our very own glow in the dark stepping stones.

1:            Stepping Stone plastic mold. You can use just about anything and any shape to make your own

               stepping stones, in this case it was a flower petal shape.

2:            Spray oil, you will need this to stop the mold sticking to your concrete or cement or plaster.

3:            A bag of Cement, Plaster or Concrete mix. If you do not want all the mess you can purchase

               Pre-mixed cement or plaster.

4:            A plastic bag to mix everything together ( the cement and water ).

5:            Measuring bowl for water to mix with the cement.

6:            Bag of GloMania Glow in the dark stones assorted colors. These are the smaller of the 2 sizes  they manufacture and are made from acrylic resin. These stones will charge and emit their glow time and time again. They use the natural suns UV rays to charge them.

Spray the inside of the mold with the Spray Oil and then wipe around with a tissue, make sure you get into every corner with the oil.

A tip for mixing any liquid with a powder. Place it in a plastic bag and squidge it around till it’s all mixed.

Once all the cement or plaster is mixed and poured into the mold, shake the mold from side to side so the mix gets into every corner and crevice.

You may notice little bubbles in the mix, these are air pockets and should be removed. We used the rod on a paint brush, you could use a tooth pick to pop them so we would end up with a smooth finished surface.

Now before the mix dries and hardens, you want to place the Glomania Glow in the Dark stones all over the top of the mold, pressing them in slightly.

Leave it to dry and make sure the glow in the dark stones do not move during this process. To finish off, you could mix an epoxy clear resin and pour it all over your creation to seal it from the elements

Now just leave your creation to charge by the sun’s natural rays, or if this is for an inside project like a bathroom floor or just decorating flower pots, these Glomania Glow in the Dark stones will charge by natural light or incandescent house lighting.

CHECK THIS OUT when the lights go OUT !!

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