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Glow in the Dark, Fluorescent UV Neon, Thermochromic, Photochromic, Hydrochromic specialist pigments, powders & paints

Choose the best Glow in the dark paint for your project. Glomania Glow in the dark Paints and Glow in the dark Powders come in Neutral Invisible and Day Visible color pigments. These items charge under UV Sun light and UV Black light and then Glow in the Dark without any light source. Our Range of UV Black Light and Neon Black light pigments and paints also come in Daytime White that fluoresce a color and Daytime Visible, these are great for posters, art even epoxy resin. Glomania Hydrochromic paints become clear when added to water, Thermochromic paints and pigments change color with heated while Photochromic powders and paints change color in sunlight. Glomania Chameleon pigments are light reactive making them shine different colors depending on how you look at them.

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