Specialist in Glow in the Dark and UV Black Light Neon pigment powders as well as Thermochromic, Hydrochromic, Photochromic and Chameleon Color changing pigments, dyes and powders.
Suitable for use in Fishing Lures, Nail Art, Crafting, Screen printing and powder coating or fluid bed applications.
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  • GDV Visible Glowing Pigment

    ProFX GDV Glow in the Dark day visible pigment powders are designed to show both in daylight and in the dark. They come in 12 assorted colors and are made...
    From $8.00
  • Glow in the Dark ProFX GDI Invisible Neutral Pigment, longest lasting strontium Aluminate

    Glomania ProFX Glow in the Dark GID Invisible Neutral Pigment Powder. Our pigment uses Rare Earth Strontium Aluminate doped crystals and we have various sizes of grain from 2-5um to...
    From $7.50
  • UV Neon Visible Black Light Pigment

    UV Neon Black Light pigment powders ( UVR). We currently produce 10 colors. These pigments use optical brightness to Fluoresce really brightly. What that means is during the day they...
    From $8.00
  • Chameleon Directional Color Changing Specialist Pigment

    Chameleon powders are a specially optically advanced pigment that has multi faceted sides each being able to reflect the color at different frequencies. This allows you to see different colors...
    From $18.99
  • UV Invisible Neutral Pigment

    UV Invisible Neutral Pigment . UVI ( Invisible Black Light Neon Pigment) is a white based pigment powder that will only fluoresce under UV Black Light. The UV rays from...
    From $7.50
  • Medium Additives & Thinners

    (AIR) - Air Brush Medium: Designed to thin down paints so they work more efficiently in an airbrush (FAB) - Fabric Medium: Used to help in the adhesion of paint or...
    From $6.99
  • Glow in the Dark Garage Floor Flake & UV Black light Neon Garage Floor & Table top Flake

    Glomania Glow in the Dark and UV Reactive Garage floor and Table Top flake is designed to be placed in either a 2 part or single epoxy coating. These super...
    From $9.99
  • GDI & GDV Large Grain Sand Crystals

    Glow in the dark GDV, GDI or GID Sand, Large Grain Crystal is made from the purest strontium aluminate doped europium. There are 4 main daytime neutral or invisible colors...
    From $7.95
  • Photochromic Solar Changing Pigment

    Photochromic or Photo-chromatic pigment powders are designed to absorb sun lights UV rays and turn the pigment from a clear neutral white to a specific color. We currently have 6...
    From $11.99
  • Gun Night Sight Glow in the Dark Basic Kit

      GloMania Glow in the Dark Gun Sight Marker Kit (New and Improved!) One of the BEST TOP Selling Glow in the Dark Gun Sight and Scope Marker kits in the...
  • Hydrochromic White to Clear Water Activated Pigment Powder

    CLICK ON TITLE for more TECHNICAL INFORMATION Hydrochromic Pigment: An advanced pigment that is water reactive. This pigment is white in color and when in contact with water the composition...
    From $9.00
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