This is UV Black Light Pigment and Paints, that are brightly during the day and will ONLY Fluoresce under UV Black Light. Classed as Daytime Visible Neon Black Light paints, these products POP in natural light but the become optically brighter when the particles are excited by UV rays. Sun light will make them noticeably visible during the day, but you will be able to experience the full fluorescence unless you are in a darkened environment. Used in the highlighting of Halloween Products, Club Venues even Table Tops and Bars as well as Nail Art, Body Painting, Jewelry, Resin Art ... Optimal Optical Brightness is around the 360nm field. TDS information is available from our store.
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  • ProFX GID Invisible Neutral Glow in the Dark Strontium Aluminate acrylic paint

    ProFX Invisible Neutral Glow in the Dark and Day time Visible Photo-luminescent Acrylic Paint is designed to be a white or off white in the day or day visible colors that Glow...
    From $8.00
  • UV Neon Visible Black Light Pigment

    UV Neon Black Light pigment powders ( UVR). We currently produce 10 colors. These pigments use optical brightness to Fluoresce really brightly. What that means is during the day they...
    From $8.00
  • UVI Invisible Neutral Black Light Neon Paint

    UVI Invisible or Neutral neon black light fluorescent paints are clear when dry during the day and fluoresce brightly under ultra violet black light ONLY. They do not glow in...
    From $9.50
  • GID GDV Large Grain Glow in the Dark Sand Crystals

    Glow in the dark GDV, GDI or GID Sand, Large Grain Crystal is made from the purest strontium aluminate doped europium. There are 4 main daytime neutral or invisible colors...
    From $7.95
  • UV Invisible Neutral Pigment

    UV Invisible Neutral Pigment . UVI ( Invisible Black Light Neon Pigment) is a white based pigment powder that will only fluoresce under UV Black Light. The UV rays from...
    From $7.50
  • Glow in the Dark Garage Floor Flake & UV Black light Neon Garage Floor & Table top Flake

    Glomania Glow in the Dark and UV Reactive Garage floor and Table Top flake is designed to be placed in either a 2 part or single epoxy coating. These super...
    From $9.99
  • GID Invisible Fabric Paint

    This is a great range of Glow in the Dark Fabric Material Paint. This is a white in color paint that uses strontium aluminate crystals. Once charged these crystals will...
    From $7.50
  • UVR Visible Black Light Fabric Paint

    Glomania Neon Daytime Visible Fluorescent Fabric Paint can be used on just about any fabric material surface. Using only the highest grade of UV pigment high sheared with our specially...
    From $7.50